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Data Practitioners Community of Practice

Proposed by: 
Doug Hoppe
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Where will the conversation continue?: 
Discussion about data and data analytics with regards to resources and tools.

Session begain with introduction and context.  Participants represented  SLAC, SUL, GSB, FMS, UIT, H&S and other groups.   There is growing interest in the Data Practioneers CoP with about 20 Schools/Departments participating.  Cop  has been instrumental for knowledge sharing, getting help , and exposing new data sources.   Question posed to the group about their areas of interest, which included: 

  •  Text analysis with regards to tools and best practices
  •  Data normalizations, scrubbing
  •  Tools
  •  Security
  •  Data Governance
  •  Alteryx – University-wide License Needs
  •  Informatica
  • Tableau – University-wide License Needs
  • Having a way to consistently share lessons learned when dealing with difficult tasks
  • Shared data sets and public data sources
  • Tableau Online - policies and use cases

Doug shared information about upcoming session with Unv. Wash on 12/5 and an Australian Univ to discuss what they are doing with Tableau.  He has sent email to CoP  list with details.  One topic of interest is their development of a Tableau website.  

Python is also gaining momentum as analytical tool and tracks for sharing are developing.  SUL offers Python drop in sessions, as well as, R Open Lab sessions. 

Tech training  is developing new classes and offered to host Open Labs and Tech Briefings

A master list of COPs can be found at .  Site contains contacts, areas of interest, etc.  There is a monthly CoP meeting on the 3rd Friday of every month.  Agenda inclues overview and dedicted topic.  Session available remotely via  ZOOM, but participants encouraged to attend in person.  Vijay Gandra from AS featured at next meeting which will be an open round table discussion.  SLACK Channel available in COP domain,  Specifically, the links to the Data Practitioners COP website and Slack channel are below:


Slack channel:

There was also some discussion about the difficulty of using data sources in the Cloud.   Incorta intended for SNOW analytics, but understanding is the it will be a SNOW data source that can be manipulated by Tableau and other tools. 

SUL trasforming data to LINK data format (xml type format) for workflows and exposure on web sites.  Finally, there was was some discussion about bringing user experiece to bear, especially with Dashboards.   There are emerging dashboard training needs. 

If you are interested in joining the Data Practitioners COP, please add your name to the contact list below: