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Flexible Web Framework & Applications Room Requesting

Proposed by: 
Ruel Calalo
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This is a description of the Request a Room application developed by H&S Application Services and Web Ops. It is also a description of the process by which this is being implemented.

This is about upgrading/refurbishing rooms.  H&S made a deal with another school – we will refurbish the rooms but we want to be able to use the rooms.
This is the application used to reserve rooms.  It is developed by the Application Services and Web Ops teams.
We knew we wouldn’t get a hard set of requirements – we’d need to prototype, develop, and deploy very rapidly.  
We’re not wedded to the Apache machines that we have on campus.  We can push the code to the cloud.  It would be straightforward to deploy it on Heroku if need be.  
Pick a day and a time that you want to request the room, and a few other bits of data, and we get live data on the room at the current time.
The goal will be to have this replace 25 Live, the current Room reservation application
The current implementation step is to integrate this with Office 365.

The deployment involves pulling the code from bitbucket repository and re-starting the server.   It's extremely simple.

This development framework could be used for "WeWork" as well.

This uses a Postgres RDBMS back end.  This is helpful to map the user using the system with the set of permissions that the user has.

Contact: Ruel Calalo,