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10:15–11:00 a.m.

Spam Handling Strategies For Website and Email

Resource drain on administrators to have website/maillists/etc.. be manually reviewed to make sure incoming requests and communications are legitimate. Reviewing user profiles and domain addresses for whitelisting and blacklisting.

How far up can spam filtering and website blocking begin in the infrastructure? 

·      Automated spam filtering service.  Proofpoint?

·      End User Client

·      Office 365 Mail Servers

Possible Issues

·      Manual configuration mistakes

DNS at Stanford

Things have become interesting, because a lot of people want Stanford names pointing to outside-world IPs, and vice-versa.

Although it had previously been prohibited, it has been possible for a while to have 3rd (4th, 5th) -level domains.  Although it can be more work for you.  It's often best to just use  You can have custom domains, but they need a lot of justification that they meet the mission of the University.  Contact Phil Reese for more information.  It's often better to have the non-Stanford domain just redirect to

Project Process

Initial presenters and facilitators: Max Stoaks and Adam Moore, both Enterprise Architects from the GSB.

Max and Adam kicked it off with a presentation re their process outlining phases and requirements per phase


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