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11:15 a.m.–12:00 p.m.

DevOps: The Path Forward

DevOps Best Practices - a call to action
CIO Working Group formed to explore DevOps on Campus
Some folks believe they already do DevOps.
State of DevOps at Stanford
Desire for a standard definition of DevOps across campus.
We looked at the Wikipedia definition.
Benefits of DevOps - why do this thing?
Biz & Academic Continuity
Infrastructure As Code; Repeatability and Predictability.
Accountability & Supportability; shared responsibility
Security...bake it in to the product lifecycle 

Data Practitioners Community of Practice

Session begain with introduction and context.  Participants represented  SLAC, SUL, GSB, FMS, UIT, H&S and other groups.   There is growing interest in the Data Practioneers CoP with about 20 Schools/Departments participating.  Cop  has been instrumental for knowledge sharing, getting help , and exposing new data sources.   Question posed to the group about their areas of interest, which included: 

Student Feedback

This session is a workshop to gather and share ideas on where, why, and how to gather student feedback for our various projects.

Mike and Sherwin, VPTL Student Technology 

Thanks for coming
You’re already in groups
This session is a group discussion

The prompts…

• What do you do currently to gather or utilize student feedback?
• What type of feedback would be useful?
• How could we gather feedback?


"All Stanford IT" Online Community Solution

Are you interested in building an “All Stanford IT” Online Community Solution? This would be a central place to share information; and find out who's who in IT at Stanford?
We shared ideas and looked at gaps that currently exist and what a solution might look like.
We’re looking for people to validate this idea and volunteer some time to put it into action. 
During breakout, we looked at gaps, solutions, barriers to implement/maintain, adopt, etc. such a solution.
To seed the discussion, here are some possible features:

Roses & Thorns: Lessons Learned from SAAS/Cloud Deployment on Campus

Issues/Lessons Learned:

Onboarding vendors: think about Exit strategy: how to get your data out at end of life

Think about Migration time you will need.

Cloud is easy to start, but so easy to mess up. More care should be taken with SaaS

Some cloud vendors may look well established, but it may not be the case in reality. Zoom for example. Sometimes we have to teach them.

There are just as many technical details in cloud solution as on prem solution.

Elastic Search/ELK@Scale: 1.5Tb/day

Elastic Search/ ELK@Scale: 1.5TB/Day

Todd Simpson, Satish Nair

ISO/Sicops department


Current use:

52 nodes, 100 machines for search


Upstream side:

-       Net4 data, duplicates

-       1.5tb of log data daily

-       how fast the pipeline can be

o   on average  day, 25 diff types of logs, real time searching within 30 seconds

o   search through 10 billion records in about 5 seconds

-       3x data than what splunk allowed


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