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2:45–3:30 p.m.

Flexible Web Framework & Applications Room Requesting

This is about upgrading/refurbishing rooms.  H&S made a deal with another school – we will refurbish the rooms but we want to be able to use the rooms.
This is the application used to reserve rooms.  It is developed by the Application Services and Web Ops teams.
We knew we wouldn’t get a hard set of requirements – we’d need to prototype, develop, and deploy very rapidly.  
We’re not wedded to the Apache machines that we have on campus.  We can push the code to the cloud.  It would be straightforward to deploy it on Heroku if need be.  



- Automation for deployment and building systems

- Similar tools: Chef, Puppet

- Building a COP around Ansible

- Big picture - Stanford Web Services:

- simplifies bash scripting and automation

- migrating hundreds of websites

- download files, modify and upload to cloud.

- interact w/ servers and APIs


- Ansible playbooks (YAML) 

- Uses SSH to connect to server and run playbook

- define server variables

- "inventory" files

- define operations that you want done on the server

Remote Distributed Teams

  • Linnea Williams and John Bickar from Stanford Web Services

  • Introductions on Bluejeans call for remote demo: Shea Mckinney & Greg Garvey, developers for SWS who work remotely full time (Team Canada and Team North Bay)

  • Poll of room:

    • Teams with full or part time remote members?

    • Tools working?


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