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Flexible Web Framework & Applications Room Requesting

This is about upgrading/refurbishing rooms.  H&S made a deal with another school – we will refurbish the rooms but we want to be able to use the rooms.
This is the application used to reserve rooms.  It is developed by the Application Services and Web Ops teams.
We knew we wouldn’t get a hard set of requirements – we’d need to prototype, develop, and deploy very rapidly.  
We’re not wedded to the Apache machines that we have on campus.  We can push the code to the cloud.  It would be straightforward to deploy it on Heroku if need be.  

Security Problems (and solutions?) with Individual Users Sharing Stanford Data on Box, Google, etc.

This session is intended to complement the later session on best practice on access rights on file servers.


All throughout the university, we have big contracts with cloud storage vendors. There is a huge degree of adoption, but it is unclear how users are actually using the services and if they are doing so according to security guidelines. Can we discuss (1) technical and (2) cultural things we can do to make sure services are used effectively without causing security problems?


Spam Handling Strategies For Website and Email

Resource drain on administrators to have website/maillists/etc.. be manually reviewed to make sure incoming requests and communications are legitimate. Reviewing user profiles and domain addresses for whitelisting and blacklisting.

How far up can spam filtering and website blocking begin in the infrastructure? 

·      Automated spam filtering service.  Proofpoint?

·      End User Client

·      Office 365 Mail Servers

Possible Issues

·      Manual configuration mistakes


Led by Mark from SUL…

  • Specifically, IT Staff

  • Developing strategies for on-boarding. What we do:

    • Checklist based on past experiences

    • Keep a notebook, not automated

  • Phil from Stanford Earth: We don’t have a formal process- for those who do, what are the main points


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